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Night Club Seminar

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  Do not miss out an opportunity to attend a fantastic Night Club Seminar in the biggest night club in Ireland. Run by Nick Maison Krav Maga Global Expert 3. 3 hour learning how to defend yourself and others in great environment with loud music, strobe lights, smoke, etc. That is gonna be a brilliant […]

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!!! Grading in KMG Ireland HQ !!!

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Another great event very well hosted by Stephen Cooley in Ashbourne. Students started their level test at 1pm under watchful eyes of KMG ireland experts: – Stephen Cooley – Erik Ladika – Stephen Smullen – Robert Derewianyk. Nearly 40 people on the mat from Graduate Level 2 to Practitioner Level 1 were tested almost six hours and ended […]

Why Krav Maga is so good?

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Beside training in a gym we train also in different environments. We have outdoor classes where you feel completely different. Small change like noise of the street, cold, darkness creates scenario. You need to use other senses like hearing, touch. It is very unlikely that you will be attacked in your gym. In real life […]