!!! New Training Year 2k18 !!!

What we do at the class

Join us to get in shape and learn the most valuable life skill - self protection !!
Awareness is crucial - learn how not to put yourself in a dangerous situation but should the worst happen we'll teach you how to deal with the most common attacks.
Learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones using simple techniques. Get fit and have fun in a great atmosphere with people like you. No experience needed. Age 16+

The classes will cover moves, punches and kicks.

You will learn also how to defend:
-punches and kicks
-knife attacks
-grabs and chokes
-stick attacks
               ... and more

Galway- Mondays and Tuesdays
Sligo- Wednesdays NEW LOCATION
Castlebar- Thursdays and Fridays

Join Us.
To avoid dissapointment book your place now. Please fill in contact form below or call Robert on 0870659709

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